Meet Our Staff

Doctors Of Veterinary Medicine

Larry Franklin Bosma, DVM                

Amanda Blake, DVM

Michael Sagartz, DVM - ER

Misty Hirschbein, DVM - ER

Ryan Folse, DVM - ER

Management Staff

Andrew – Practice Administrator

Cindy – Director of Veterinary Services

Kristyn - Director of Client Services

David - Pet Nutrition Center

Client Services

Liz - Client Service Representative

Michelle – Client Service Representative

Aubrey - Client Service Representative

Mary - Client Service Representative

Veterinary Technicians/Assistants

Omar – Senior Veterinary Technician

Jasmine – Veterinary Technician

Rebecca- Veterinary Technician

Megan - Veterinary Technician

Ashley - Veterinary Technician

Debra – Veterinary Assistant

Patty – Veterinary Assistant

Gerold - Veterinary Assistant

Kennel Staff

Melaney - Kennel Assistant (Vet Assistant in training)

Jesse – Kennel Assistant

Giannino - Kennel Assistant

Our Staff Mission


At North Valley Veterinary Center, we pride ourselves on providing compassionate, professional care for your pet. We have comprehensive training for each of our staff members and encourage ongoing/continuing education. Many of our staff members are cross trained in several aspects of veterinary care. We want your veterinary experience to be personable, informative and above all, to meet and exceed your expectations. You’re not just any number to us, you’re #1!


Staff Photos


Larry Franklin Bosma, DVM

Founder and owner or North Valley Veterinary Center

Dr. Larry Bosma holds a B.S in Agriculture from the University of Idaho with an emphasis on animal nutrition. Transferring to Washington State University, Dr. Bosma received his B.S. Degree in Zoology with a special focus on wild animal species nutrition prior to entering the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine and completing his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine Degree in 1981.


Andrew Bosma

Practice Manager


Cindy Magnolia

Director of Veterinary Services


Omar Bohorquez

Senior Veterinary Technician



Director of Client Services



Customer Service Representative



Pet Nutrition Center and Inventory Manager



Customer Service Representative



Customer Service Representative